Ohio Woman Injured by Booty Enhancing Shoes



Some are born with it, others have to earn it.
  • Some are born with it, others have to earn it.

The verdict on Skechers Shape Ups — the shoes that promise to put junk in your trunk — is still out. The sales pitch claims that a couple laps a day strapped into these stylish rigs and in no time you’ll be backing up a Kardashian-issue end piece. The concept may stretch the bounds of plausibility, but hey, who wants to go to the gym anyway. Consider me deceived, Kim.

One Ohio woman, however, has come to her own opinion of the product: lawsuit. According to Channel 5, southern Ohio resident Holly Ward bought a pair of the shoes in order to get toned. She walked around in the shoes for five months, and then began to feel extreme pain.

“The MRI came back a few days later and that's when he realized that both femoral necks had been fractured," Ward tells the station. She eventually had to have surgery and now has six screws holding her bones together. Ward, her doctors, and her lawyer all say the Shape Ups are to blame. It doesn’t look like she’s filed anything yet, but when you let your lawyer talk for you in TV news clips . . . well . . . we’ve all seen this movie before.

Not having strutted strutted about in a pair ourselves, we took to YouTube to find some customer reviews. This guy’s clip (if you can stomach the handheld wobbles) says the product is fine by him and only an idiot would get injured on it. This guy here is pretty grave about it, however, warning that product injured his mom. And this consumer did her own five month review of the Shape Ups and concluded the product is bunk. She even parades out some before and after shots of her, ahem, fundament for proof.

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