Cleveland Schools Will Scare Kids Straight With Prison Documentary




Cleveland schools are facing the problem of dropouts head on by scaring their young pupils with visions of prison rape. OK, not exactly. But the district will be screening a documentary, "InsideOut," which will show prisoners talking about their mistakes in life, in the hopes that it scares kids off the streets and into the classrooms.

NewsNet5 reports:

"You know what the results of ignorance is," said documentary creator Shelley Stewart. "All you have to do is just look into the prisons; look at the crime rate."


The film is poignant in many ways. Each inmate who is interviewed by Stewart has his year of his first incarceration on the screen. Students will see some of the convicts have been in prison for 20 years since they turned age 18.

Those in life behind bars plead with the student who will see and hear their stories. The convicts talk of the mistakes they made in their lives. Stewart's camera goes into the many areas of the prisons, showing life behind bars. In many segments, there are shots of barbed and razor wire at the top of tall fences.

Barbed wire and tall fences... scary. Next up: a documentary following two Houlihan's waiters as they talk about the mistake of going to a liberal arts college.

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