Drunk Guy Shows Up at Jail Impersonating a Lawyer




It is not advisable to show up at a jail impersonating a lawyer, no matter how desperate you are to talk to an inmate. However, if you are going to bravely march into the den of law enforcement as someone else, it's best to have your faculties about you and to avoid anything that might draw suspicion to your fake identity.

For instance, don't attempt the feat while drunk. Might make things harder on you, especially since the cops will undoubtedly notice that you're bathed in Ode de Booze. Troy Geer of Medina did not get the memo.

Cops say the stinkin' drunk 30-year-old arrived at the Summit County Jail asking to speak with an inmate. When the guards asked for ID, Geer handed over a business card of some random attorney. Whoops. Fox 8 says they noticed he was intoxicated and quickly took him into custody for disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.

No word on if Geer became cellmates with the inmate he wished to speak to.

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