Woman Breaks Probation to Appear on Maury Show




Having never been on probation, we're not sure what would drive someone to violate the restrictive orders. There's certainly a sect that, having already committed a crime, wouldn't blink before crossing the law again. But the reason has to be really cogent, right? Money, a big heist opportunity, a super attractive mate, perhaps.

Or fame. Specifically, the need to appear on television, that unwavering and constant desire of every red-blooded American.

That, friends, is what drove April Davis to break her probation.

19 Action News reports that the 27-year-old Euclid woman, who was convicted of drug trafficking, had the chance of a lifetime: an episode of the Maury Povich show dealing with girls who date older men. Bingo! The young lass was dating a 58-year-old man at the time, so tickets were bought, arrangements made, and April Davis and her beau headed to New York to film the episode. She would be the darling of a little-watched mid-day talk show and her life would be complete.

But things turned ugly when the couple returned home. Davis decided she no longer had feelings for the older man, so she dumped him, ostensibly to find a black midget or something to date so she could once again return to the bright lights of Maury's stage.

The gentleman did not take kindly to the split and did what any normal jilted lover would do, something that you have probably done every time you've been dumped by a lover: he called her probation officer and provided him with a copy of the airline ticket and a copy of the Maury show they appeared on.

Don't you hate when that happens?

For her daytime dalliance, Davis got 30 days in jail and six more months of probation. Once that's over, hopefully Maury will be filming a, "I broke my probation to be on a talk show and got screwed by my Buckeye-card carrying boyfriend," bit.

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