Crop Taking Over Food Duties at Whiskey Island


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The best part of Whiskey Island has never been the food at Sunset Grille. That will change this summer when Steve and Jackie Schimoler, owners of Crop Bistro, take over the food operations at the popular summer destination.

Kicking off at the annual Cinco de Mayo party, "Cropicana" will feature Crop's signature creative foods, reworked into breezy summer fare.

"We have been dying to do our version of groovy fast food," says Schimoler, who describes the menu as beach-inspired.

On weekends, the entire operation will be moved outdoors, with cooks operating from an alfresco kitchen. Grills, smokers, and a pig-roaster will be employed to feed the massive crowds, which can swell to literally 1,000 per day.

"The problem was that small kitchen, which couldn't keep up with the crowds," he adds. This will run like an outdoor fast-food outfit, with guests ordering, paying, and grabbing their food. During the week, the inside kitchen will remain in service.

Menu items might include roast pig, clam bakes, barbecue, Long Island clam rolls, and corn-on-a-stick.

"We will be very sensitive about price points," he adds. "This is not a yacht club after all."


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