Cleveland Teacher Sex Lawsuit Settled




Last month we reported on a sex scandal brewing at the Cleveland public schools involving a white high school teacher with a reputation for assaulting black teens who passed through her classroom. But before the lawsuit could shift into high gear, the parties have come to an agreement, Scene has learned.

Cynthia Reiman was a teacher at East High when she allegedly had sex with one of her students. The relationship produced 1) a child and 2) enough gossip to get the attention of police. The district allegedly knew about the hanky panky, but did nothing. Apparently, neither did Reiman: In 2007 she assaulted another student, Reyon Coleman. This time she was fired and charged.

Coleman sued the district and the teacher, claiming school officials should have stepped in and booted Reiman when whispers surfaced about the first assault. Now he’s walking away with an undisclosed settlement.

“The parties were able to reach a resolution and avoid the uncertainty and inconvenience of further litigation,” district spokeswoman Roseann Canfora confirmed in an e-mail. “The parties also agreed that it is in their mutual best interest not to discuss or comment on the agreement in any manner.”

A lawyer for Coleman did not return calls for comment. A woman who answered the phone at a number listed under Reiman’s name hung up when a reporter identified himself. —- Kyle Swenson

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