Afternoon Brew: City Worker Attempts Suicide At City Hall, Cuyahoga County's Human Resources Board, Bank Robber Strikes Again, and Short-Term Casino Location Could Be Long-Term




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you get all pumped up for Dick Goddard's birthday tomorrow.

— 19 Action News reports a city worker attempted suicide by jumping off the fifth floor inside the rotunda at City Hall after being denied family leave and not receiving a paycheck. Surely there will be more on this tomorrow. (WOIO)

— Cuyahoga County's new human resources board has been fully staffed by Ed Fitzgerald. What exactly the board will do, though, has yet to be determined. It's good to have those people on payroll just in case they come up with something for them to do. (

— The FBI says there might be a serial bank robber on the loose. A Mentor bank was hit and the thief is also a suspect in 12 other bank heists in the area. (NewsNet5)

— A five-year lease on the Higbee location for the Cleveland casino was signed with possibility of extensions, meaning you could be throwing away your money at the craps table at the Higbee Building instead of a gleaming new casino for a lot longer than you initially thought. (WJW)

We'll be back tomorrow, which is Dick Goddard's birthday, in case you didn't know.

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