County Employee Dead After Possible Assault (Updated)




The coroner says Tashia Burch-York died of natural causes and not from injuries stemming from an assault by a youth she was working with at the county's Department of Children and Family services. (


Special credit is due to those who toil in the ranks of the county’s Department of Children and Family Services. Saying the job is tough is about the single greatest public service understatement out there. Not only do they face down society's difficulties on the day-to-day, they deal with the kids who have to shoulder all this shit — poverty, abuse, broken homes, missing meals — all the stomach-turning stuff. Want to cry, go check it out.

Heavy as these gigs are, it’s not the type of work people usually lay down their lives in the service of. But that may be what happened to one Cuyahoga County employee.

42-year-old Tashia Burch-York died yesterday, a week after the county adoption services supervisor was reportedly assaulted by a youth. The incident went down at the Jane Edna Hunter building on Euclid Ave. According to WKYC, the teen has not yet been arrested.

Authorities have yet to make an official connection between the assault and Burch-York’s death. The coroner’s office hasn't produced a cause of death. She was a 16-year vet of the department, according to a county release. A resident of University Heights, Burch-York was reportedly found in her home by her husband.

“The incident that happened at Children and Family Services is a reminder of the difficult and often dangerous situations our social workers confront every day,” county exec Ed FitzGerald said in the release. “It is important for all of us to take a moment to grieve the loss of an employee who was loved by her family, friends and co-workers.”

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