Pair of Changes On the Horizon For Ohio Drivers




No, sadly, the license plate design will not be changing. The Buckeye State will have to live with the hazy farmland scene, the one with a swirl of colors that looks like an 5-year-old's early-period refrigerator work, perhaps from his finger-painting phase.

Two changes are likely on the horizon, however.

First, a bill being introduced by state Rep. Stephen Slesnick would eliminate the requirement that cars have front license plates. The Canton Repository notes that all states bordering Ohio, and all 20 across the nation, don't have front license plate laws and no caverns into the mouths of Hell have opened up on the roads in those states. Whacking the provision would save Ohio about $2 million a year, or enough to mount a study as to whether it was a good decision in the first place.

Second, Governor Kasish wants to boost the vehicle title fee $10 (Boo!) and scrap the $20 late fee for driver's licenses (Yay!). The AP reports that the late fee has been "hugely unpopular" with the public — shocking — and that a $10 hike would bring $31.5 million into the state's coffers.

A third proposal still making its way through official channels would mandate that Dick Goddard's face be painted on the hood of every car in Ohio, a source said, but that support doesn't seem to be there to make that happen.

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