Cleveland Man Specializes In Eating Glass




Everyone loves a freak sideshow, right? Well how about 27-year-old Jimmy Coffin (how's that for a pitch-perfect last name?) and his passion for consuming glass.

Coffin is well-versed in a variety of circus-like performances. Fox 8 says he breathes fires, can squeeze his body through a tennis racket, can jam an entire knife up his nostril, and likes using his nostrils as displays for nails. Nice.

But what has everyone going is his appetite for light bulbs and glasses, of which he's consumed over 400.

Fox 8 goes on, quoting a co-member of Infusion, a local variety act:

"If you ever got to hang out with him for any amount of time, you realize that's just him," said Infusion member Mia McGee. "That's what he does, it's his thing." Mia doesn't eat glass, but she does a trick called 'grinding,' which is when they use a power saw on metal-coated clothing to cause sparks.

Jimmy started experimenting with sideshow acts more than a decade ago. He focused on spitting fire before working his way up to consuming glass. "A lot of people think that it's really a mental thing, you go to a different place. In reality, it's just knowing what's gonna happen and being prepared for it," said Coffin.

Dr. Jeffrey Janata, an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at University Hospitals, warns people not to consume glass. "It stands to reason that there's danger in eating substances that could potentially cause damage and glass is certainly one of those," said Dr. Janata. He said consuming glass can be a condition known as pica, which is when people crave things that aren't food.

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