Denny Obermiller, Grandparent Killer, Sentenced to Death




The guy behind one of the most heinous crimes to rock Northeast Ohio in recent years has been sentenced to death, adding another name to the state’s lengthy death row. Maple Heights man Denny Obermiller was responsible for some real sick stuff. Like put your kids away in front of the TV for a minute. Ok? Alright.

Obermiller was convicted of murdering his grandparents. And of raping his grandmother.

According to the Plain Dealer, he was already a seasoned con with a nine-year prison sentence for assault under his belt when he moved in with Candace and Donald Schneider, 61 and 60, the doomed g-rents in question. The pair came home from out of town and found some coins were missing. They called the police, said they suspected their grandson. Days later, the couple were found dead.

Candace was found cuffed, her head bagged in a bed sheet, and naked from the waist down. The cause of death was strangulation with an electrical cord. Used condoms were near her body. Donald was upstairs, also cuffed and strangled.

When he was picked up by police, Obermiller copped to the crimes. He was hit with a kitchen sink of charges, including kidnapping, rape, aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated theft, burglary, etc. In all he plead guilty to 17 counts.

Not many bad guys out there could do worst, and Obermiller didn’t fight his death sentence. But the punishment is in line with the state’s smoke-em-if-you-got-em attitude as of late. In 2010, Ohio set its modern record for executions with eight, coming in second behind Texas (duh) for the overall killcount in the US. Right now, there are nine execution scheduled before October, meaning we’re on pace to beat our best.

The state’s already put the first notch in its belt for ’11: a week ago Frank Spisak was executed.

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