Mother and Daughter Fight Over How To Cook Potato




Familial spats can be caused by disagreements small and large. We've all been there. Someplace you've probably never been, however, is in the middle of fisticuffs with your parent because the two of you could not agree on how to cook a potato.

A mother-daughter combo in Port Clinton might be the only relatives to ever have the cops called on them over a spud.

The Sandusky Register reports the duo had a small tiff over the potato and how to cook it. Baked? Mashed? Roasted? These are important questions. Soon it grew beyond words when the 30-year-old daughter allegedly launched a loogie in the mother's face, not an appropriate reaction to believing the starch would be best served by dicing and frying it.

Mom responded by grabbing the closest weapon at hand: a scrubbing brush. Seeing her opponent with the most dangerous of kitchen cleaning utensils, the daughter lunged for her mom's arm because, as someone else in the house told cops, her mom "held the brush in a threatening manner."

The two were treated for minor injuries, which may or may not have included bruised egos, at the scene. No charges were filed and, more importantly, no word how the potatoes were eventually cooked that evening.


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