Cleveland Clinic Begins Travel Deals For Sick People




Are you a frequent traveler? If your next extreme whitewater vacation or Himalayan trek goes terribly wrong, do you worry about being stranded in a remote Third World hospital whose arsenal of medical equipment consists of a rusty bone saw?

Fear not, for Cleveland Clinic has peace of mind for sale. If you are more than 150 miles from home and too sick or wounded to travel the regular way, the Clinic’s fleet of jets and helicopters will pluck you from that dubious hospital and deliver you to the hospital of your choice. There are no restrictions on distance, and the offer is good whether you are in Lhasa or Lansing.

Membership in the new Global Care Rescue and Evacuation plan costs $400 a year for individuals and $600 for families. The premium entitles you to two evacuations annually, with no co-pays or deductibles.
The Clinic says the plan is preferable to typical travel insurance, which gets you only to the nearest hospital. The new program is also unique in that it is among the rare Clinic money-making schemes that might actually be a good deal for customers too.

“Frequent flyers, globetrotting backpackers, world travelers, snow birds, high school and college students, and many others have found the program to be a good fit for them,” says a Clinic spokesman. — Maude Campbell

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