Man Calls Police Over Moldy Wendy's Hamburger


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Id like to enter this into evidence.
  • I'd like to enter this into evidence.

If your fast food order is for some reason unsatisfactory, the logical and easiest recourse is to complain at the store. They'll likely fork over some free grub, maybe some coupons for a future visit, and apologize profusely.

If you don't find their recompense to your liking, it's perfectly fine to go to the corporate level and call the 1-800 customer service number to voice your complaints. But that's about the extent of the short list for people to call if something is wrong with your Wendy's order. Maybe the BBB or the health department if you really want, but those are pretty drastic options for the everyday fast food run-in.

A man who says there was mold on his Wendy's hamburger didn't like any of those choices. He called the cops.

The Sandusky Register reports that Timothy Morelli dialed up the police over the offending growth. We're not sure what he was hoping to accomplish with the move, but we thank him for doing it.

The cops took a picture of the hamburger in question, which you can see above, and which had to be the highlight of their day. A Wendy's spokesman said it was an isolated incident and the Erie County Health Department is on the case, presumably just minutes away from the groundbreaking discovery that fast food restaurants occasionally serve sub-par burgers. Upton Sinclair would be proud.


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