Denise Grollmus, Former Black Keys Wife, Spills Beans On End of Marriage With Pat Carney


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Once upon a time, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and former Scene/Beacon Journal writer Denise Grollmus had one of those “fairy tale” rock and roll marriages: a pair of young indie-rock geeks bonding over their passion for obscure music. Grollmus was along for the ride as the Keys went from Akron obscurity to the Hippest Band in America, penning a February 2005 cover story for Scene about life on the road with the band. The two married in July 2007.

Sadly, their lives diverged as the Black Keys’ fame — and work load — increased. Grollmus and Carney divorced last year, ending a nine-year relationship that began when Grollmus was a 19-year-old Oberlin student. In a lengthy piece posted at today titled "Snapshots From a Rock ’N' Roll Marriage," Grollmus details for voyeurs the innocent joys of their early days together and the long, slow, painful dissolution of their relationship accompanied by fights, heavy drinking, and infidelity. There are no fairy tales, kids.


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