Mom Lets Kids Drive Car, Crashes in Gas Main



Look out.
  • Look out.

Teenage drivers are terrifying. But pre-teen drivers — there’s a concept warped enough to fry your brain. It does happen, though. It takes one adult with a frail grasp of parental responsibly and a helping of booze to get a single-digit sprout behind the wheel, according to the Sandusky Register. The results can be potentially catastrophic, literally.

We lay our scene at a trailer park in Port Clinton. Here, 32-year-old mom Kendra Collins got blotto and decided to let her kids take a spin in her ’95 Ford pickup. Her 11-year-old was up first and maneuvered the car around the park, no problem. The eight-year-old, however, turned out to have a heavy foot. He hit the gas, darting off into an above ground gas line.

The area had to be evacuated. The police discovered alcohol was involved with the incident, but didn’t field test mom because she wasn’t behind the offending wheel. But besides not winning many Parent of the Year Awards, Collins might not get off easily — the case was referred to the county prosecutor for possible charges.

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