SupermanAvengers Movie to be Filmed in Cleveland (Updated)




Update II: Yep, it's the Avengers.


Update: Whoops.

Well, it looks like the PD either jumped the gun on naming Superman the movie that will be filmed in Cleveland, or someone just used Superman instead of superhero, because their report now just says a "superhero" movie. Internet boards had pegged the project as The Avengers, which had been scheduled to film in Michigan.

Sorry 'bout that folks. Original entry is below, for posterity and so you can make fun of us. If anyone wants to start an old-school ECW "You fucked up" chant directed at us, that would be appropriate.


That unspecified Marvel/Disney movie project that Governor Kasich was trying to lure to Cleveland for filming is specified now. It's a Superman movie and it's locked in, Kasich announced at Mayor Jackson's State of the City address today.

Appropriate since Cleveland is the birthplace of the Man of Steel, the $40 million dollar flick was originally set to be filmed in Michigan but will now come home to the Buckeye State.

Now many details are on the Superman: Man of Steel's IMDB page except Henry Cavill will star as Clark Kent and that Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be involved. Please, oh please let LiLo come to Cleveland.

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