Video: Drunk Priest Offers Sex To Arresting Officers


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Imagine you are a pastor. Getting clipped for a DUI is bad enough. It's embarrassing to your flock, your church, your ego, and your station.

At that point, you take your lumps, sleep it off, apologize, and pay your due. Unfortunately, if you are shit-faced blotto in the cell shortly after your arrest, you might not have your faculties about you and you might end up saying some things you regret even more. Nervous about what just occurred, worried about the future ramifications of your actions, you might spout off some nonsense, begging and pleading for mercy.

Or you might offer the guard a blowjob and make unhinged threats that Oprah will make the police officers pay.

Fox 8 reports that's just what Father Ignatius Kury from Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church did after cops say he drunkenly crashed his car in Brimfield Township.

Here's video from Fox 8's report which includes Kury's rant, sexy offer, and drunken threats. Maybe he was just high on the Lord?



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