Gun-Wielding Road Rager Encounters Gun-Toting Motorist


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Road ragers feel like badasses during tantrums. Fueled by anger, they feel superior, stronger, more powerful than the lowly commuter who dared piss them off so badly. It's easy with that false sense of bravado to operate without fear, to belittle, scare, and otherwise torment some driver who was oblivious and selfish enough to inconvenience you.

Multiply that by 100 if you happen to be carrying a gun during your rage. Hell, you could take down Europe by yourself then go find and kill Osama.

Of course, that temper is tempered if the other driver has a gun as well.

From the Beachwood police blotter:

Two motorists were stopped on Richmond at Letchworth Feb. 22 after a report was made that one pulled a gun on the other.

The initial complainant, a Beachwood man, 64, was arrested for disorderly conduct toward the motorist with the gun, a Shaker Heights man, 38.

Police said the complainant approached the motorist with the gun in a menacing fashion. The motorist then showed the man his gun. After police learned the complainant wanted to fight the man with the gun, he was arrested.

The motorist with the gun had a concealed weapons permit.

And that, my friends, is a Mexican standoff on wheels.


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