Police Investigate Cries, Discover Goats and Pot




A concerned utility worker who was serving a disconnection notice to a house on E. 113th St. heard cries coming from inside the residence. It sounded like a woman wailing for help.

He did what any Good Samaritan would and phoned the authorities.

WKYC reports that the cops showed up to find an unoccupied residence except for, of course, seven marijuana plants growing beneath lamps. But what about the plaintive cries? Marijuana doesn't make sounds, unless of course you've just smoked some, then it probably talks to you.

Cops also noticed there was hay all around the house and they could still hear the mysterious cries ringing out. So they went to the basement and what did they discover but five goats. Yes, goats. Sadly, the animals weren't in great shape. The APL took the animals and will be taking them to a big farm. No, really, a farm, not that "big farm" upstate where your puppy went. The goats will be heading to the Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary.

No word on who owns the pot or the goats, nor what the two were doing in the same abandoned house or if the goats ever dabbled in a little ganja to pass the time.

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