Don King in Legal Battles With Puerto Rican Taco Seller



Taco vendors beware.
  • Taco vendors beware.

Boxing impresario, one-time killer, HBO movie subject, Cleveland’s favorite coiffed son — many are the features in Don King’s cap. He’s also got a street rep for being a fierce foe, especially in the courtroom. Deadspin has dredged the deep legal flow of the U.S. Court of Appeals and found an interesting legal arm-wrestling match King has going now with the owner of a taco place in Puerto Rico.

Way back in the salad days of 2003, Delia Esquilin-Mendoza’s taco shop plucked a stray closed-circuit transmission of the Roy Jones Jr. — Jon Ruiz bout from the ether. Like Metallica and countless other rich tight asses before him, King was no fan of free content; his outfit — Don King Productions — sued Delia, eventually winning $12,000 for the bootleg screen time. When Delia didn’t cough up the change, King had her 1995 Toyota 4 Runner repo’d. But this must be one crafty taco seller, because Delia eventually got the ruling booted from the court on a technicality.

King was a sore loser, reportedly. He didn’t give back the car. Delia sued for a million bucks, citing "deprivation of the vehicle, extreme mental anguish and depression resulting from public humiliation, injury to her public dignity, and stress, which exacerbated her heart problems."

Now, the courts have thrown out Delia’a suit because the value of the vehicle didn’t equal her claim. She still can refile in a different court, and given the legal volleyball here, that may be a safe bet.

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