James Edward Abbott, Library Perv, Caught Peeping and Packing Knives


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Which one was the mens room?
  • "Which one was the men's room?"

Old dirty men are a public library mainstay. Whether they’re looking for shelter from the elements (homeless) or homing in on free internet access (porn), libraries across America are stocked with these shifting characters taking up all the good comfortable couches and smelling slightly of the Wendy’s dollar menu. But hey, that’s democracy — you can squat in any publicly-financed place you want.

That is, unless you start perving out. Which is what happened at the Hamilton County library recently, according to 19ActionNews. 73-year-old James Edward Abbott ducked into the woman’s restroom and waited for an unsuspecting user.

When one came along, she spotted Abbott sticking his head under the partition. Another woman rolled up and saw Abbott with his you-know-what exposed.

Police were called to the scene. It turns out Abbott posed more of a threat than your run-of-the-mill peep-and-rubber: police found the suspect packing two knives on his person. He was charged with criminal trespassing, voyeurism, public indecency, and carrying a concealed weapon.


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