Man Brings Grandchild to Meth Lab




Grandparents have it easy. They get to spoil the grandchildren, bestow gifts and food and snacks, without the responsibility of actually raising the kid. It's a win-win. No long nights up with crying. Big bowls of ice cream.

They do have one responsibility though: grandparents are built-in babysitters, a task most look forward to as extra time with their sweet little babies. But what if you're saddled with a kid and you have important stuff to take care of? What if you have a part-time job and you happen to be watching your grandchild on a day when you absolutely have to head into the office?

Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but if your office is a meth lab, it's definitely a big deal.

WOIO reports that 40-year-old Douglas Gibson of Alliance brought his 3-month-old grandchild to a meth house, which doesn't sound dangerous or irresponsible at all.

Police were serving a parole search when they discovered Gibson, the meth lab, and the child. He was already on probation for pot trafficking, possession of coke, and resisting arrest.

No word on if he was wearing a "Grandfather of the Year" shirt when he was cuffed.

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