Transvestite Scares Away Woman at South Park Mall


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Which floor is swim wear on?
  • "Which floor is swim wear on?"

In Journalism school there’s a golden rule they hammer home early: When writing a police blotter, lead with transvestites. Get those girls up top, works every time.

Case in point, Strongsville Patch’s roundup from Monday, which kicks off with a report of gender-bending mall antics at an area Macy’s. According to the report, a woman was minding her own business this weekend at the South Park mall when she was approached by a man in drag.

He pulled the old hey-check-out-my-leg-for-a-quick-second routine; as the woman looked, he pulled up his skirt. No word on whether the victim actually got eyes on the offending pants cannon, but she did run away screaming. The cross-dresser escaped the scene.

The specs on the suspect are pretty thin: he’s reportedly tall and was wearing a black skirt, pantyhose, and a coat with a fur hood. Also, don’t get the idea that this was not a chic transvestite: the report makes specific note that he was also “carrying a black purse to match his skirt.”


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