Cleveland the 7th Sickest City in America




What would a day on the blog be without a gleaming new set of rankings to pour over? Not a good day, we'll tell you that.

The Daily Beast cobbled together some health data, which may or may not have included sorting through your garbage counting the number of empty NyQuil bottles and snot-filled tissues, and came up with a list of the 20 sickest cities in America.

Cleveland came in at No. 7.

Via 10TV:

The site ranked cities based on criteria including the SDI Health ranking, the percentage of people who are vaccinated, the amount of flu and pneumonia-related deaths, and the percentage by which flu activity is expected to increase or decrease from March to May, according to Google Flu Trends.

Nice to know Google knows not only when you were sick, but when you'll be sick again. They also know you're sick in general, as evidenced by that search you did on May 17, 1997, on your parents' computer. You know the one. Yeah, that one.

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