Concert Review: The Get Up Kids at the Grog Shop



Get Up Kids ... or grown men?
  • Get Up Kids ... or grown men?

“Erase all memory," announced Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor at the start of their show at the Grog Shop last night. "It is currently 1997.” If only.

The Grog Shop was full, teeming with fans in their late 20s and 30s recalling their teen-angsty days. The set's second song, 1999's “Action and Action,” officially kick-started the night, as the audience sang along and relived their youth.

The Get Up Kids didn’t stick to just one album last night. They mixed songs from all five of their records over the past 15 years, including There Are Rules, their less-catchy, electro-ridden comeback album released last month. But it was obvious from the start that fans were there to hear older songs.

It was a fairly quiet show. The band grooved onstage with brief spoken introductions and very few anecdotes between songs. They breezed through 19 cuts. “You guys ready to start this party?” asked Pryor during the encore — 19 songs late, but better late than never, right?

Classic songs from Something to Write Home About got the crowd moshing and moving, as did the grand finale of “10 Minutes.” It was a good show, but not a great one. They were better when they were kids. —Laurie Wanninger

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