Drunk and Bloody Woman Passes Out at McDonald's, Curses Out Cops




Sometimes you make bad decisions when the ole BAC gets too high. A few too many pops and your stomach begins to rumble, urging you to seek out the nearest and quickest source of greasy food.

That's when it seems like a good idea to head to McDonald's to scarf down some fast food burgers. Lovin' it you won't be later on.

According to Chronicle Telegram, Heather Jarvis did just that, which was bad decision No. 1 in her night.

Cops say she arrived at the golden arches with blood on her hands, frantically telling staff behind the counter that some scoundrel had killed her dog. Then she promptly passed out on the floor.

When police found her, she was still out cold on the tile. Roused from her slumber, she was asked if she maybe perhaps had been drinking. "Yeah, a little," she said.

Then things got interesting. She wouldn't get off the floor, even as cops tried to interview her. She also wouldn't respond to their questions — queries that involved why the hell she had blood all over her hands. When paramedics showed up, she was not pleased. How did she show her displeasure? By shouting racial slurs, of course.

Once in an ambulance, Jarvis informed cops she had mental health issues, then continued on with the racial slurs and threats, telling one officer she hoped he'd "die in a fiery car wreck."

She was charged with public intoxication and taken to an area hospital for evaluation. The Chronicle Telegram reports no dog was found.

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