Map: Where Do Clevelanders Move to When They Leave?


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Ever wonder where all those Northeast Ohioans go when they move? Well, now you can see for yourself.

Forbes has a nifty interactive map which shows net population migration in 2008. The data comes from the IRS and shows only people that moved to a different county.

Featured are nine big cities, but click on any county in the U.S. and you can view the data for that area. Red lines show heavy numbers leaving an area, gray/black shows influx. Pretty fascinating to poke around.

Above is a screengrab for Cuyahoga County, which as you can see, is pretty red. The usual suspects are the heaviest recipients of former Clevelanders: New York, Florida, California, Texas, etc. Although no one ditched the Forest City for Wyoming, so there's that.

Click on over and explore who's coming to Cleveland, too. (Via Gizmodo)


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