Racing Amish Involved in Accident



Eat my dust.
  • Eat my dust.

Here’s a real brain-buster for you: Let’s say you’re Amish and fixin’ to drag race some mouthy Elijah who brags he can outpace your rig — how do you call the race? First cart to the next stoplight wins . . . Err, no stoplight. To the McDonalds . . . . never mind. Ah! We know, the church, you race to the church. There’s bound to be one of those hanging around.

Well, two buggies racing to a church in Ashland got in trouble with the law recently. According to Fox 8, the two carts were neck-to-neck on two-laner Route 758 when a car approached from the opposite direction.

One of the buggy drivers, Jacob Raber, tried to avoid a collision but clipped the incoming vehicle. He wasn’t injured, but ended up clopping home with a driving left of center ticket from the Highway Patrol.

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