Afternoon Brew: Ohio University Limits Netflix Streaming, Beer Delivery in Kent, Frank Russo Sings, and a Huge Cocaine Bust


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Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you say goodbye to Frank Russo's face.

— To allow for more bandwidth for academic purposes during finals week, Ohio University tried to block access to Netflix streaming, which the school says makes up the highest percentage of bandwidth use on the network, surprisingly more than porn. Alas, they failed in their attempt, inadvertently shutting down all internet access instead. (NewsNet5)

— A Kent student is starting a beer delivery service around campus. He should network with pot dealers... to find the best routes, of course. (Kent Wired)

— New charges were brought against longtime Russo friend Ronald Romanini after Frank sang some songs to the FBI. (

— 28 were indicted in a sweeping cocaine operation bust in Ashtabula. If you're dealer isn't answering your pre-St. Patrick's Day phone calls, you know why. (NewsNet5)

Want to watch the 1990 men's national soccer team rapping badly on the beach? Sure you do.


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