Akron Area Strip Club Raided, Real Crime Uncovered



Can you pick out the undercover cop?
  • Can you pick out the undercover cop?

Ohio’s look-but-don’t-touch strip club policy is a head-scratcher, especially with every Recession-soaked city trying to redefine itself as a convention destination (Someone needs to tell the Med Mart people that Dr. Everyman isn’t going to come to Cleveland and test drive a handsaw if he can’t motorboat on the side. Come on, Jimmy Dimora knew that much). The punctilious law results in frequent club raids, police time and money that usually goes toward a few arrests for innocent (but yes, illegal) bump-and-grinding.

But sometimes police fish out more serious criminal activity. Such was the case at Desiree’s in Norton, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. Local cops, Akron vice detectives and people from the Ohio Department of Public Safety all raided the club last Friday night as the party was starting.

Law enforcement stomped right to a private room, where they walked in on Actual Prostitution in progress. That’s right, sex in the champagne room. The john and lady in question were both arrested. Four dancers were also arrested for exposing themselves and touching undercover officers during their routines. Marijuana and oxycodone were also found at the club.

The club shouldered 18 liquor violations as a result of the sweep. The paper reports a similar raid happened at Desiree’s in 2008, also resulting in drugs and seven arrests.

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