Man Headbutts His Mom and the Cops




Seriously, who the hell headbutts their mom?

Let's Venn diagram this thing. In one big circle are all the people who would ever resort to the headbutting tactic in a fight. That's a pretty small group, right? Then you have the second circle, filled with everyone who would ever assault their mother. That's a pretty small group too, right?

The intersection of those two circles is really small. Like, one person small. We're pretty sure Eric Vincent, a 24-year-old neanderthal from Mentor, is the only man in that overlap.

The News Herald reports that cops were called to a residence twice in the same night for disturbances caused by Vincent. The first was a noise complaint at 3:36 a.m. Police found Vincent drunk and loud, but he cooperated with the authorities.

Later the same night, cops returned to the address for another noise complaint. This time Vincent didn't cooperate. He headbutted an officer, which was the second time that night he used his head as a weapon. Cops found out that in between the two calls, he headbutted and punched his mom.

Vincent was taken in for felony assault of a police officer and will face additional charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and domestic violence.

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