Cops Unable to Investigate YouTube Threat Because Police Station Blocks YouTube


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Lots of businesses block certain website from being viewed on their network. Porn is an obvious target, but so are time-wasting sites and those that chew up a large chunk of bandwidth. That often means no YouTube, Pandora, or similar outlets that stream video and audio.

This counts for police stations, too. You don't want your friendly local officer sitting at his desk watching booty videos on YouTube or an illegal stream of NCAA basketball while he should be fighting crime.

Unless, of course, that crime allegedly occurred on YouTube.

The Chronicle Telegram reports a Lorain woman claims her ex-boyfriend and father of her child made threats on a YouTube video toward her new boyfriend.

Cops couldn't offer much immediate help because YouTube is blocked at the station. No update on if anyone thought to send Officer Joe down to Starbucks with his laptop to view the video. Considering that this happened in Lorain, we doubt it.


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