Poll Shows Sherrod Brown Would Beat Drew Carey in an Election


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Senator Sherrod Brown's camp must be breathing easier today. A new Public Policy Polling survey shows that should libertarian Drew Carey stop hosting The Price Is Right, separate himself from his darling Seattle Sounders MLS franchise, and throw his hat into the campaign ring, Sherrod Brown would win. Whew.

The tally came in at 49 percent for Brown and 34 percent for Carey, which also shows that 34 percent of people polled are idiots.

The Dayton Daily News reports the poll also tackled opponents who are, ya know, actual possible candidates. The Senator looks safe, "leading potential Republican challengers by 15 to 19 points."

Browns led Republican Lt. Governor Mary Taylor 49-30; U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan 49-30; and Josh Mandel 48-32.

The Public Policy Polling survey also came up with a few more off-the-wall queries. Respondents were asked whether Sherrod Brown could beat his wife, Connie Schultz, in a 100-yard dash, and whether a hobo in a $2.50 Goodwill suit looked more professional than the Senator. 72 percent thought Brown would lose the race; 100 percent thought the hobo would look more dapper.


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