The Anniversary of Ricky Davis' Wrong-Way Triple-Double




Eight years ago today, Ricky Davis became "Wrong Way" Ricky Davis, solidifying himself in Cavs and NBA lore forever.

The Cavs were up by over 20 with under 10 seconds to play against the Utah Jazz and the Cavs were inbounding the ball. Ricky Davis was one rebound away from a triple-double and Ricky wanted that triple-double. He took the pass, dribbled toward his own basket, intentionally missed a shot, and grabbed the ball. Which, of course, doesn't count as a rebound, but Ricky didn't know that.

Here's video of the incident, including Davis getting clobbered by a Jazz player after he grabbed the ball and Jazz coach Jerry Sloan with an absolutely memorable reaction face.

(Reminder of this important anniversary from SB Nation)

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