Vasectomies Skyrocket In March According to Cleveland Clinic Doc




What's the most popular month for men to get snipped? March, by a longshot, says Dr. Stephen Jones, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. There's usually a 50% increase in vasectomies during the month. And the reason has everything to do with recuperation time.

Why March? NCAA basketball. If men are going to have a doc slice open their lovesack, they're going to need some downtime to ice their boys. And they're going to need something to do while holding an icepack on their crotch.

Fox News reports:

Dr. Stephen Jones, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic, said men opt to get the surgery during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament so they can watch the games while recovering.

“They need at least a day with ice, keeping the area cool,” Jones said. “Not so much because it hurts, it really doesn’t hurt much — but it’s an area that swells very easily. So, if they’re going to spend a whole day doing nothing — it’s not hard to figure out that they’d want to do it on a day they’d like to be sitting in front of the television. There’s nothing that makes guys want to be in front of a television more than March Madness.”

We would have guessed that the March increase stems from hordes of married folks having their once-a-year Valentine's Day romp, finding out they're pregnant, and wives quickly demanding the scalpel-to-balls treatment for their men, but yeah... the NCAA tournament is a good reason too.

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