Charlie Sheen Picks Akron to Go All the Way




From his penchant for Indians’ gear to the public effort to have him throw out the first pitch at this year’s home opener, there’s a lot of two-way love between walking headline Charlie Sheen and Northeast Ohio. Ricky Vaughn will forever be a hero in this land, and Sheen seems to know it.

Like just about everything else in Sheenworld, that affection is of the particular stripe where fact and fantasy begin to slurpee together. When the cultural icon dragged himself away from his quote-generating, crack-smoking, porn-filled nose-dive to fill out a March Madness bracket, he sided with us locals.

Sheen wrote up his picks at the Dan Patrick Show and has Akron going all the way . . . or I guess it would be more appropriate here to say: winning the whole thing.

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