New General Manager Could Put the "Med" Back in Med Mart




Finally! In an uncharacteristic move, Med Mart developer MMPI has hired a general manager for the project who has actually dabbled in the health care trade show business. You may recall that MMPI’s expertise lies in the home furnishings arena, which may explain why so many potential Med Mart tenants sell furniture, rather than medical wares.

Brian Casey is coming to the rescue. Hopefully. Although Casey has been heading up the furniture-heavy, High Point Market Authority in North Carolina since 2006, back in the 90s he worked for a Chicago-based management company that handled trade shows for a variety of industries, including technology and health care.

Casey will start securing trade shows, meetings, and tenants for our local Med Mart at the beginning of May, according to an MMPI statement. If Casey can draw on his old health care industry contacts, things might start looking up in terms of the viability of the very expensive, taxpayer funded project.


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