Adult Son Upset When Mom Throws Away Pot


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"Ma, the meatloaf!"

Living with your parents as an adult has its upsides: free food, reliable laundry, no rent, a better cable package, etc.

There are obviously downsides, as well, and we're not just talking about the lack of privacy or the stigma of living with mom. Sometimes the 'rents toss out something you wanted to keep. Sometimes that's an old baseball card, sometimes that's your pot stash.

Damn, moms, why you gotta be like that.

The Sun's Parma Heights police blotter
had this gem this morning, reminding us that the live-at-home arrangement can be harsh on your mellow.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, PRINCETON COURT: A woman called police March 19 to report that her 26-year-old son had become enraged when she discarded some marijuana she found in the home.

He threw a candle at her, injuring her arm. He left the house for a while, and upon his return home, he was arrested by police and taken to the station and charged with domestic violence. The mother put in a request for a temporary protection order.

He promptly updated his blog later in the evening.


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