Afternoon Brew: Wolfgang Puck Comes to Cleveland, Smithsonian Shows Us Love, Lady Charged for SWAT's Appearance, and Republicans Don't Know Who Sherrod Brown Is




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you root for Butler and San Diego State tonight. Oh, that's just us? Nevermind.

— Wolfgang Puck will be opening a 'Wolfgang Puck Express' in University Hospital's new Seidman Cancer Center. Nothing cheers up dying people like an $18 pizza. (

— Smithsonian Mag has a nice article proclaiming that, once again, Cleveland's showing signs of revival. Written by a Clevelander, the piece discovers that Cleveland boasts, A) Cheap food, B) Nice people, and C) Cheap food served by nice people. (Smithsonian Mag)

— Cause a ruckus and have the Cleveland SWAT team show up at your house? That'll be $11,000, thank you. (WOIO)

— A new poll shows 30% of Republicans don't know enough about Sherrod Brown to have an opinion of the job he's done in the last four years. 27% of Scene staffers are confused by that fact. (

Hold Steady's in town next Saturday, but you knew that already.

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