Glenn Burbridge, 86, Kills Wife Because She No Longer Loves Him




— 911, where is your emergency?
— This is Mr. Burbridge. 1138 South Cleveland-Massillon Road. Get me an ambulance here. Emergency. Emergency.
— OK. What’s the problem, sir?
— I just shot my wife.

The caller on the line is Glenn Burbridge, an 86-year-old Copley Township resident who allegedly (or I guess you could say admittedly?) capped his wife Alice in their bedroom on Wednesday night. The two had been arguing, according to Channel 5. The couple had been married for 67 years. And no, it wasn’t one of those botched William Penn tricks. Glenn later told police he did it because his wife no longer loved him.

As the proper authorities steamed to the scene, Burbridge told the dispatcher he was going to kill himself. She was able to talk him out of it. Alice was still alive when the EMS arrived, but she died later at the hospital.

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