Hanford Dixon Named Coach of Cleveland's Lingerie Football Team




Legendary Browns defensive back Hanford Dixon was named the head coach of Cleveland's new lingerie football team, the Cleveland Crush. Back when Dixon was patrolling the field with Frank Minnifield, this is probably just what he envisioned for his post-NFL career. Bob Golic, he of the Golic's restaurant on W. 6th and the batshit-crazy talk radio show out of Akron, is the executive vice president of football operations.

Via NewsNet5:

"Excited to be part of a team that has brought a sense of excitement and rejuvenation around professional football in Cleveland. Bob and I fully intend on establishing a culture much like we had in the 80s, winning football,” Dixon said, in a news release on Thursday.

But, ya know, with more boobs. Also, it's probably verboten to woof at these players. But besides that, exactly like the 80's-era Browns.

The Crush's season launches September 2. Some games will be broadcast on MTV.

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