Japanese Radiation Turns Up in Local Rainwater; Cue Hysteria Relax


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While you were couch-planted and taking in all that disaster porn coverage from the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown, you probably thought you were safe, that those bad vibes a world away weren’t going to mess up your weekend, no sir. All TV, no reality. Well, actually, this globe of ours is a lot smaller than we’d care to admit: Three sites in Northeast Ohio have tested positive for radiation originating from the failing Japanese nuclear power plants.

Before you start tearing off your clothes and eating through your fingers: It’s okay. Not dangerous to humans. They say. They being some scientist types, and in times of global catastrophe, you got to listen to the scientists. Right?

Channel 5 has the details. The radiation was detected by both a professor at Case Western Reserve University and at FirstEnergy’s Perry Nuclear Plant and Davis-Besse Nuclear station. Iodine-131 turned up in rainwater samples from the sites, an element specific to when nuclear reactors melt down or leak.

According to the authorities the element has turned up all over the world and is harmless in trace amounts. Nonetheless, both outfits say they’re keeping an eye on the radiation levels, just to be sure.


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