Jimmy Dimora Used Bribe Money to Buy a Tiki Hut



Can I at least make sure the torches arent lit in the tiki hut before we go?
  • "Can I at least make sure the torches aren't lit in the tiki hut before we go?"

The Cuyahoga County corruption saga is the gift that never stops giving.

Today's mirthful update is centered around an information filed against Charles J. Randazzo, a managing member of Financial Network of America. Prosecutors charged Randazzo with bribing Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo in exchange for the duo leveraging their considerable means in getting Financial Network selected as a "deferred compensation provider for county employees.

Randazzo is accused of giving $1,079.14 apiece to Dimora and Russo in 2004 for the purpose of buying artificial palm trees for their backyards. Of course. Who doesn't want a tropical playland in thier suburban yard?

Dimora did, but instead of buying the artificial palm trees, prosecutors say he bought a tiki hut, according to the PD. No word if Dimora slipped on a toga and sat in the hut while being fed grapes by an unnamed county employee, but that's the visual we have in our heads right now.

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