Man Beats Roommates Because His Beer Is Missing




You know how it is. You work hard all day, you get home, and all you want is a nice, cool, refreshing beer. You had the fridge all loaded up, ready for a swig. The sweet taste of beer, all chilled and delicious, is waiting.

And then you get home, open the fridge, and the beer's missing. Shit. Who the hell drank my beer?

That's one downside of having roommates, or an ambitious son who wants to taste daddy's drink: they're always taking your booze and not replacing it. Ungrateful mooches.

Most people have an abrupt conversation with the perpetrators in such a case, or leave a nasty passive-aggressive note. Not Akronite Michael McDaniel. The lack of sudsy refreshment drove him over the edge.

Cops say he took his displeasure to the next level, getting physical with his two roomies.

Via the NewsNet5:

Akron police said 52-year-old Michael McDaniel started an argument about the beer and then hit one roommate in the head with a broomstick and hit the other in the head with a telescope stand, kicked, punched her in the chest and then broke the broom handle over her arm.

Needless to say, the roommates will never, ever eat McDaniel's leftovers in the future.

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