Video: Cavs Players, Mascots Dance With Old People




This could have been titled, "Old white women dance with young black men and furries," but we thought that would be insensitive.

The Cavs visited the Heights Care and Rehabilitation Center in Broadview Heights on Saturday night for a spring dance. J.J. Hickson was there in an all-white tux. Baron Davis and Byron Scott went with normal evening formal-wear; the mascots wore what mascots wear.

Residents lined up for a spin around the floor. Maybe some knew who J.J. Hickson and Baron Davis were. More likely, they enjoyed their dances with "those nice young fellas." We won't guess how many simply sat in their wheelchairs and wondered why the butler wasn't bringing them lemonade and cookies.

At one point, it looks like Byron Scott tries to give footwork advice to Hickson as Hickson trounces all over a grandma's feet, but Hickson doesn't listen, instead tripping her into bowl of pudding.

Anyway, if you want to see some awkward mascot-on-old-woman dancing and J.J. cutting a rug looking like a sophomore heading to his school dance, head over to this link for the full video.

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