East Clevelander's Charges Dropped, But Stuff Not Returned




When Gerald Strothers was picked up by East Cleveland police in a drug raid last November, the mild-mannered IRS employee claimed it was a case of wrong place, wrong time. After spending a week in the East Cleveland jail and spa, Strothers went public about the horrible conditions there — claims supported by state inspections and acknowledged by city officials [“Jailhouse Blues,” February 2, 2011].

This month, all 14 felony drug charges against Strothers were dropped, and he has sought to have the whole affair stricken from his record. He wouldn’t mind getting his stuff back either.

At the time of the raid, nearly 20 possessions were taken, including his Dodge Ram, digital cameras, laptop computers, and $3,000 camera lenses. So far, Strothers hasn’t seen any of it.

He says Mayor Gary Norton has vowed to make things right, but Strothers has since asked the court to intervene. (Norton could not be reached for comment.)

“This judge isn’t going to be very happy when he sees this isn’t settled already,” Strothers says.

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