Floyd Mayweather is a Believelander Too


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The bet slip.
  • The bet slip.

In what forever forward may be known to fans not up for Medicare in these parts as The Game, the Cavs stomped the Heat 102-90 last night. But you already knew that. Your pulsing hangover keeps reminding you. And reminding you. And reminding you.

One great part about last night’s karmafest was the amount of nationwide love thrown Cleveland’s way post-win. Count boxer Floyd Mayweather among the Cavs nation. He put $50,000 on the Cavs and even went as far as to tweet out a picture of the slip, so says Deadspin.

Mayweather dropped his bet at halftime; he took the Cavs at +12.5, when the team was up by 11. So yeah, you and Floyd were both happy last night. The difference is happy for you meant drinking until you forgot where the car was parked and now have to spend the morning calling impound lots. Happy for Floyd means he can buy your car a dozen times over.


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