Obese Man Sits In Chair For Two Years, Has to Be Cut Away After Skin Attaches to Chair (Updated)




Update: WKKX radio is reporting that the man has died. (WTRF)

Those faint of heart and weak of stomach might want to bypass this post.

Officials in Bellaire, Ohio, dealt with a stomach-curdling case this week as they arrived at the home of a man who had sat in the same chair for two years. You can imagine the scene they stumbled in to.

WTRF reports that the 43-year-old man was found unconscious, covered in his own waste and maggots, and basically bound to the chair. Yes, after two years of sedentary squatting, his skin had fused with the chair.

The obviously obese fella had to be cut away from his perc,h and authorities had to cut a hole in his house to remove him before transporting him to a hospital.

And if all that isn't weird enough, there's this: he had a roommate and girlfriend, both of whom did nothing about the man's condition.

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