Video: Duane Kuiper's Lone Home Run




Duane Kuiper holds a special place in the history of the Cleveland Indians: the tiny second baseman had just one home run during his career.

The picture is from a ceremony with Doug Dieken and former Tribe manager Dave Garcia to honor Kuiper's "first" home run. Of course, it would be his last. As SI scribe Joe Posnanski wrote in a blog about it: "The words on the plaque say: Duane Kuiper, First Major League Home Run, 8 -29 — 77, Off Steve Stone, Baltimore Orioles." And, naturally, they got the plaque wrong. Kuiper hit the dinger off Steve Stone, but Stone was a member of the White Sox at the time, not the Orioles."

Baseball Prospectus has methodically and extensively broken down the few seconds of Kuiper's triumph in a nice piece, which is just the sort of reading material we need with Tribe Opening Day just around the corner. We all get our time, even if it's just for a moment. Watch Kuiper's below.

Duane Kuiper's Lone Home Run from Wezen-Ball on Vimeo.

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